Hi, my name is Tyler Hosey. I'm a sports performance trainer in Sarasota, Fl.


​My mission is to provide an unrivaled training experience for the athlete. No matter your age, becoming an "athlete" is defined by your work ethic, desire to learn, and commitment to the process. I believe everyone is an athlete! My passion is helping you reach your athletic goals in a fun and safe manner.


My philosophical approach is multifaceted. Every client is unique; your program should be too! I program to reflect client goals and meet their individual needs. I provide a challenge that allows clients to persevere and realize their true potential. Relationship building is also essential to maximize results. A successful coach can bring out the best in every client! I do this by including my client's perspectives in their programming. I specialize in rotational sports; these include golf, baseball, and tennis. Lastly, I take pride in my values, which include honesty, empathy, dependability, excellence, and professionalism.


My experience includes two degrees in Exercise Science from the University of South Florida (M.S., B.S.). Previously I interned at the University of South Florida and the University of Kentucky in their strength and conditioning departments. I have assisted with research and guest lectured at the University of South Florida. Lastly, I have been in the personal training space for eight years.